Riveting Machine

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HM-308AB: Automatic Riveting Machine.
HM-608D: Twin Riveting Machine.
HM-608D 39": Twin Riveting Machine.
HM-608HK: Riveting Machine Specially Designed for Hook-Rivets.
HM-608S-7": Riveting Machine w/ 10 ½" Throat Depth, ¼ HP.
HM-608T: Triple Riveting Machine.
HM-612CF: Riveting Machine w/ Motor-Driven Auto-Feeding.
HM-612CF 6": Riveting Machine w/ Motor-Driven Auto-Feeding.
HM-612MF: Riveting Machine w/ 12" Throat Depth, ½ HP.
HM-615BC: Riveting Machine w/ 15" Throat Depth, ½ HP.
HM-615BC2: Twin Riveting Machine.
HM-615BF: Riveting Machine With Longer Throat Depth and Stroke Length. Motor-Driven Auto-Feeding.
HM-636: Riveting Machine Designed Especially for Golf-Bags.

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