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Luggage, Backpack, Handbag, Lady's Purse, etc....

Raw Materials, Supplies, Hardwares, and Accessories.

Manufacturing Plant and Whole Equipment Setup.

Technical Training, Directing, Advicing, and Consulting.





HHM is an one-stop source for all your luggage, travel bag and personal handbag needs. We can provide you from the basic raw material and accessories (such as polyester, PVC, zipper, buckles, etc....). to processing equipment (such as sewing machines, press machines, etc....) to finished products (such as luggage, backpack, school bag, lady's purses, etc....)

Seeing a design in this site that interests you? Perhaps you are thinking about making them yourself? Now, you can order any design board-layout from us, along with all the materials needed for you to manufacture any bags you see on this site!

If you are thinking of establishing your own factory, please let HHM help to get you started. We are specialized in manufacturing plant setup, whole equipment installation, technical training, and consulting.

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